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Rock Portraits


The entire collection comprises over 150 paintings of Rock Stars. James has worked steadily to build up the most unique collection of pop art. From Elton John to the Spice Girls, Tom Jones to Boyzone, The Rolling Stones to George Michael.

This web site is your chance to be at the online gallery of James's artwork. For the past four years only those invitees to the annual exhibition have had an opportunity to own a piece of this historic collection.
James's work is unique, nearly all of his paintings include original signatures lyrics and messages that have been added to the canvas by the subjects themselves. Even the potraits from the lost legends collection include original signatures by the subjects imbedded into the frame or canvas.
James's work has up to now been owned and displayed in the houses of the rich and famous, but now he has decided to let all unsold work from his previous exhibitions become available to everyone. Prints are also available at more affordable prices.

Weekly Question
What is the garden of remembrance for John Lennon called in Manhatten?

James started his career as an artist in 1983 working for various advertising agencies in London as a resident artist and studied life at Chelsea School of Art. His first exhibition was at the Voodoo Lounge in Leicester Square and he has followed this with exhibitions each year. 

James History and Friends


Acrylic on Canvas 48" x48" includes Marc Bolan's original and rare signature.



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